Mental health in a digital world: life after a failed suicide

I'd say I'm in touch with reality-I know what the hell is going on around me. But nothing screams "real-check" like sitting in front of a girl with blue eyes telling you how she tried to kill herself

Within an hour, my emotions made 180. First of all, I was heartbroken, I was filled with hope and positive

Six months ago, 16 years old

Some time later, in my picture, a picture of a blue hand appeared with a pen, stuck in it

"My last hope is to kill myself."

When Sella woke up in the hospital and the doctor asked her, "Are you happy to be alive now?"

She didn' t say, "Yes."But she also didn' t say no. I don't blame her. I struggle with tension in my throat, as she said to me, "What the hell was I supposed to say?"

Today, the Sel can confidently say "Yes" to the doctor's question. She worked tirelessly to take her second chance in life. She joined the struggle to end the stigma surrounding mental health

As in the 6th grade, Selena has been longing for years of anguish. Her family had experienced some difficult changes and, at the age of 11, lacked the skills to communicate with those around her. She lost interest in the things that she loved and fought to remain under her control

She herself was a sanctuary for Sella. In 2014

" It happened to me, and people knew that it happened to me. Time to move and help other people. "

"No one should feel like the last resort to kill yourself," Selene said. She may remember that she has a few days when she convinced herself that everything would be better. One morning she couldn't find the strength to take a bold face on another day

" I was sitting in my classroom and started to cry uncontrollable, so I ran home as fast as I could. At this point, I realized there was nothing left for me. I took the pills and went to bed. "

Social media has had a positive impact on Sela's recovery and trust. " I've never been the one to talk about feelings, but by putting my story online, it helped me with this. It happened to me, and people knew that it happened to me. Time to move and help other people. "

Sel challenges the view that social media profiles are fictional stories about "perfect" life

Each profile of social networks is a person who breathes and makes decisions. Behind these stale pictures are people who live with takeoff and fall, whether we like it or not

Sel challenges the view that social media profiles are fictional stories about the "ideal" life. She came to understand and accept that there was no such thing as perfecto. " I allowed myself to compare myself to other people. I am not as beautiful as everyone else on this planet-I am as beautiful as me. "

I personally experienced my whole life, and I and Szella spoke of the importance of learning to be kind. I joked that it was like learning to fall in love with yourself-to accept every inch of your body and stop the negative vanity

I asked Sal that. "

"Happiness is not the place of destination."

Part of Sela's recovery was not easy for the traditional idea of happiness. It's not something we can buy, put it in your pocket and get out at any moment. Happiness is a thing. It's a skill, like any skill, it requires practice

"Happiness is not a destination." She explained. " The achievement of this place where you are happy every day of your life. All have bad days-it doesn't matter who you are. "

I don't allow myself to have "off" days, depriving myself of self-esteem. In the case of mental illness, there is a moment of irrational thinking. "Just because I have a bad day doesn't mean I'm depressed again," she said. "I've learned to be a realist of my emotions."

With so many different (and distorted) ideas about what it means to be happy, intelligent or beautiful, it may be difficult to set realistic expectations for themselves. It is important to deviate from the situation that we find dislike (sometimes I would like to be physically withdrawn) and once again overestimated myself. It's a practice I call "defoggting." Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is that what I'm working on my energy?
  • Do I have unrealistic expectations? Others?
  • My internal dialogue shows me that I love me?
  • The list may continue indefinitely, but the point is that these questions focus on you. Mental health and happiness is a process that requires time, commitment and determination. "If I can get to this place of adoption, someone may," Seele said. "I will not allow my second chance of life to be wasted."

    The village is determined to create a community around the idea of "blind hope." The concept she uses to remind herself that every day is a blessing. It's a bad day, 24 hours, not a lifetime

    Honesty is cool. Authenticity. Couraity is always the style

    Online, it's easy to perceive others as plastic, fictional characters. Sel posted pictures of her beautiful sunny smile, but it also allows us to know what it's like to have a crappy day

    Honesty is cool. Authenticity. Couraity is always the style. Thanks to Seele, I remind you that social networks can be a fantastic tool to be heard and listen to others-in order to be human

    If you or anyone know you have suicidal thoughts or impulses, help is available. Some resources include:

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